Indoor Dome Business Security Cameras

Indoor Dome business cameras are great for watching your cash registers, to keep an eye on where your cash is going   Indoor dome business security cameras are popular. This style of camera is easy to mount on any ceiling (or wall in some cases) and is lightweight enough to allow you to avoid any difficult installation feats. In fact, most of these indoor dome cameras are lightweight enough to even mount on a drop ceiling tile. Dome cameras come in several different varieties, ranging from MegaPixel IP style dome cameras to traditional CCTV security cameras.

   MegaPixel IP dome business security cameras are becoming more popular, as these cameras deliver high definition TV resolution video that allows you to zoom in on the video live or even after the fact. One high definition camera can deliver higher quality coverage than 5 standard security cameras, which means that you can even use less cameras to cover more space. Cameras like the Platinum CCTV™ brand HD-4210 2.0 MegaPixel High Definition IP Security Cameras even have infrared IR LEDs that provide infrared night vision even in pitch black conditions up to 65' away from the camera. These cameras connect to just a single network cable which will carry power from a standard PoE switch and record onto a PC with NVR software over the network. NVR software like the Alnet® Netstation NVR software will even allow these high definition security cameras to be viewed over the internet from an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry PDA phone, so that you can watch and even zoom in on the cameras from the palm of your hand.

No matter what type of business you have, Our security camera systems can help you reduce theft and vandalism by keeping a watchful eye on your customers and employees   CCTV security cameras are the traditional style business cameras, which can connect to a standalone DVR or PC based DVR with a traditional coaxial cable. These cameras are limited to recording at 720x480 resolution max (some cheaper camera systems will record at 320x240 instead), but come in many different varieties. These cameras provide a good quality picture when placed correctly for the environment and can still provide great business coverage with appropriate zoom levels. These cameras can be found with or without infrared night vision, and with various lens combinations. With traditional business cctv dome cameras, you can wire them back to a Standalone DVR or a PC Based DVR with internet viewing and view them from an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry phone, just as with the IP cameras.

Traditional Indoor Dome Security Cameras

Indoor MegaPixel High Definition IP Cameras